Introduction to Charge Assist app

Introduction to Charge Assist app

Charge Assist enables Charge Point Operators interact directly with the electric vehicle driver. 

It offers a way to charge EVs using chargers located around the world, with support for a host of modern payment methods, priority charging, and a clean user interface, it’s the perfect assistant for your EV. 

App users can charge their vehicle, see tariffs, pay with their charge card, credit card or Apple Pay (in selected countries) and Google Pay. Operators can choose to make their chargers visible to anyone in the app or just shown to selected users. This makes the app valuable for home charging, public networks and everything in between.
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    • Charge Assist FAQs

      Can a user export all its sessions via the app? Yes. A user needs to go to the Sessions screen, filter the sessions it wants to export (if necessary) and tap the share icon in the top left corner of the Sessions screen. Note. Only the sessions ...
    • Available languages

      Charge Assist is currently available in several languages:    English  Dutch  German  French  Spanish  Greek  When setting your phone's language to one of the above languages, it will automatically be the default language in the Charge Assist app.  ...
    • Getting started

      To get started with Charge Assist as an Operator, simply follow the steps.  ​Click on the image to enlarge and start the slideshow mode.