OCPP Charge Point GFX Certification Testing

OCPP Charge Point GFX Certification Testing

Process Description

Figure 1. Process Overview

1. Intake - Requesting a New Test
Currently, we are testing for the 1.6  and 1.5 JSON  and 1.5 SOAP protocols. The implementation of version 2.0.1 is underway. To request an OCPP integration test, both the Customer Success Manager (CSM) and clients can create a Zohodesk ticket or send an email to chargepoints@greenflux.com,

The ticket or email should include the following information:
- Manufacturer
- Charge station model (if a specific firmware version needs to be tested, please specify it)
- Manufacturer contact details (provided by our customer)
- Type of test (OCPP Basic,  Eichrecht)

The purpose of the test is to check the compatibility of charge stations with our backend based on the OCPP protocol. This means we focus solely on the exchange of OCPP messages between the tested chargers and our backend. As a standard practice, we usually request manufacturers to connect to our public endpoint. If you choose to use our Tele2 SIM cards or require a VPN connection, please note that these will not be tested during the OCPP integration test.

      1a. VPN Connection
      If a VPN connection is requested, please ensure that it is set up before testing. Your Customer Success Manager at Greenflux will handle the request. If you want us to test the VPN connection during the OCPP test, please provide us and the manufacturer with the following:
    1. Sim card
    2. Configuration information (e.g., APN).
      If necessary, please provide the sim card to the manufacturer.

      1b. Tele2 SIM Cards
      If you want to test the connection with a Tele2 SIM card, please send a sim card to the manufacturer.
      Please notify Greenflux when requesting a test if any of the above requests apply. Otherwise, we will follow our       standard practice of testing on the public endpoint.

Scheduling a Test
Technical Integrations will send their availability and the test script to the contact details (of the charge station manufacturer) provided by our customer/CSM through Calendly. The charge station manufacturer can book a time slot themselves in the agenda of the Technical Integrations Engineer.

If manufacturers do not respond to the request, Greenflux will send one reminder to the manufacturer and inform the client as well. It is not Greenflux's responsibility to follow up with the manufacturer to ensure the test is scheduled. We strongly recommend that the client follows up on tickets.

Based on availability we try to get the first testing session complete in 2 weeks

3. Performing a Test
The Technical Integrations team will remotely perform the test together with the charge station manufacturer during the scheduled time slot. The charge point manufacturer is responsible for charge point configuration and ensuring that the charger can connect to our backend.
There are two possible outcomes for a test. Please see below:

      3a. OCPP Test Passed
      If the OCPP test is successful, the Technical Integrations team will add the tested charge stations to the list of certified charge stations.

      Important considerations:
      - Always review the integration testing report.
      - Check the firmware version that has been tested and ensure that manufacturers use the same firmware version when purchasing the chargers.
      - Examine the test results. Tests are often not flawless, and at Greenflux, we may allow manufacturers to pass the test if we detect minor issues. However, please note that as Charge Point Operators, the final decision on the chargers' suitability lies with our clients.

      If the OCPP test passes, the client can request an Eichrecht or Smartcharging Test.

      Smartcharging Test: The CSM must request a Smartcharging Test, as Technical Integrations does not perform these       tests.
      Eichrecht: The request for an Eichrecht test follows the same procedure as the OCPP test. Each manufacturer has a different implementation of Eichrecht, which can be treated as a feature request. More information will be added.

      3b. OCPP Test Failed
      If the OCPP test fails, Greenflux will discuss potential changes during the test session. If there is a known timeline for the changes, Greenflux will try to schedule a retest accordingly.

      Greenflux will inform the client, CSM, and the manufacturer of the test results via ticket/email. If next steps have been agreed upon, detailed reports specifying the required changes and responsible parties will be provided.

      If the exact action plan can not be agreed during the test session, the following approach will be taken depending on who needs to make changes:

      - GreenFlux: We will provide timeline information via email. We will schedule a retest once the changes are implemented.
      - Manufacturer: If they need to make changes but cannot provide a timeline or schedule a retest during the initial integration session, it is their responsibility to inform the client and Greenflux about the possible timelines for making the changes and scheduling the retest. Greenflux is not responsible for following up with the manufacturer.

      Once retest sessions are completed, and the chargers pass the test, please refer to point 3a for further steps.
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