Smart Charging for home users

Smart Charging for home users

Smart Charging support also home users with the "Consumer-configured ToU algorithm" to grant a consumer user to have access it on his private home charger.

If you are interested in learning more about this feature and/or enabling please contact your CSM.

Invite user to Charge Assist Web portal 

The first step is to invite the home user to the CAW Portal. 
To do that, on EV Portal, select Admin --> Charge Assist Web --> Users 
From that screen you can invite the user which will receive an invite mail to login on his Portal 

Manage Smart Charging Group from EV Portal

User can edit following setting from EV Portal:
  1. Name of the group and description 
  2. Exclusion Time 
  3. Remove or add home user (important: only one user can be associated to the ToU Algorithm)
  4. Add/remove EVSE 
  5. When one of those changes are done in EV Portal, those will be automatic changed in the Charge Assist Web Portal.


How to setup the Smart Charging group and assign it to the user

When creating the Smart Charging Group,  select "Consumer-configured ToU algorithm"

Clicking on Next there will be the option to add the home user you want to invite to the Smart Charging Group 

Typing the initials, the autocomplete will find the mail of the user. 

Continue and complete the wizard by adding the EVSE of the home user. 

Once is saved, the user will receive a mail and can login to Charge Assist Web

Charge Assist Web Portal 

Logging on Charge Assist Web, user will be able to see his Smart Charging Group 

User can "Start Priority Charge" by clicking on the button close to his Smart Charging Group  

Clicking on Edit, user can change the Exclusion Time as showed in the image below

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