GreenFlux Managed Roaming Tariffs

GreenFlux Managed Roaming Tariffs

Below are the full list of the current wholesale roaming tariffs for you as the CPO towards EMSPs, at charge stations managed on the GreenFlux platform.

For internal organization, GreenFlux defines three types of tariffs:
  1. Generic  Classic tariff codes. The price for this may vary over time.
    1. Generic Classic tariff codes. The price for this may vary over time.
    2. Fixed tariff codes. The price for this are fixed throughout time.
  1. Customer specific tariff codes. This codes are specific to a certain customer. Check with your CSM to see whether you can use them or not.
If you have some trouble loading the embedded table hereunder, then you can consult the table through  THIS LINK .

These rates are excluding VAT.

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